Quartz Mandala Stone Inlay Plugs

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Available in 9 sizes.

Solid Brass 

Size: 19mm(3/4")  Weight: 20g/pair

Size: 22mm(7/8")  Weight: 26g/pair

Size: 25.5mm(1")  Weight: 32g/pair

Size: 32mm(1-1/4")  Weight: 62g/pair

Size: 35mm(1-3/8")  Weight: 74g/pair

Size: 38mm(1-1/2")  Weight: 86g/pair

Size: 41mm(1-5/8")  Weight: 104g/pair

Size: 44.5mm(1-3/4")  Weight: 124g/pair

Size: 51mm(2")  Weight: 156g/pair

*Due to the nature of stone, please expect variations in color and/or markings.